Beyond the Blue Goal

The goal of Beyond The Blue is to remind individuals and communities of the men and women behind the uniform. 

Behind the Project

In July of 2023, Cadet Chief (then Cadet Sergeant) Keely Hanson developed the concept now named Beyond The Blue. Cadet Chief Alexis Peckenschneider (now graduated from CRPSC Unit #107) both collaborated on the project with the support of their Unit Mentor Ofc. Shawn Burke and the Cedar Rapids Police Department.

How did the Acworth Cadets get involved?

In December of 2023, Cadet Chief Keely Hanson reached out to Lead Mentor Corporal Mistretta to inquire about the opportunity to partner with the Cedar Rapids Cadet Unit in the Beyond the Blue Project. Corporal Mistretta forwarded the information to Cadet Lieutenant Alexis Mistretta and Cadet Sergeant Sosebee who began working on the project and collaborated with Cadet Chief Keely to incorporate the Acworth Cadets.

Cedar Rapids Cadets 

Behind the Project

Cadet Chief

Keely Hanson

Former Cadet Chief

Alexis Peckenschneider

Acworth Cadets 

Behind the Project

Cadet Lieutenant

Alexis Mistretta

Cadet Lieutenant

Summer Sosebee

Beyond the Blue Interviews

Corporal Eric Mistretta


Thank you Cadet Chief Keely Hanson and Former Cadet Chief Alexis Peckenschneider for inviting us to join your project! We’re very proud to be a part of this project!

Click HERE to learn more about the Beyond the Blue Project and to view their amazing videos with officers from Cedar Rapids Police Department.