Acworth Public Safety Cadet Chain of Command

The Acworth Public Safety Cadet Unit focuses on hands-on learning, allowing cadets to experience various roles within the chain of command. This practical approach builds an understanding of effective communication, problem-solving, and decision-making within a structured team.

Cadet Captain Alexis Mistretta

Lead Cadet

Cadet Lieutenant Kamran Padilla

Cadet Training Officer / Drill Instructor

Cadet Lieutenant Mikayla Estrada

Cadet Recruiter / Secretary

Alpha Squad Leader

Cadet Sergeant K. Combs

Squad Members

Cadet Corporal Jordan Green

 Cadet Emory Davis

Cadet Nate Kracek

Bravo Squad Leader

Cadet Sergeant W. Maynard

Squad Members

Cadet Corporal Carter Corbett

Cadet Rush Gentry

Cadet Jayce Pryor

Cadet Tyler Hills

Acworth Cadets – Junior Assistant Mentors

Cadet Junior Asst. Mentor Justin Reaid

Cadet Honor Guard Team


Team Commander:
Cadet Lieutenant K. Padilla


Assistant Team Commander:
Cadet Carter Corbett


Team Members:

Cadet Captain Alexis Mistretta

Cadet Sergeant Kirsten Combs

Cadet Corporal Mikayla Estrada

Acworth Cadets – Unit Mentors

Lead Mentor

Corporal Eric Mistretta

Assistant Mentor

Volunteer Emily Mistretta

Assistant Mentor

PSL N. Almeida

Acworth Public Safety Cadet, Inc 

Board of Directors


Corporal Eric Mistretta


Jaime Mullinax


Volunteer Emily Mistretta

Board Member

Matt Sender