Congratulations to Cadet Lieutenant Sosebee!
Lead Mentor, Cpl. Mistretta had the honor of presenting Cadet Lieutenant Sosebee with the Cadet Commendation Award for her actions during an incident at the Acworth Art Festival on April 13, 2024.
While working in the parking lot, Cadet Lieutenant Sosebee noticed an elderly woman on the ground. Without hesitation, she sprang into action, providing assistance to the patient, contacting Acworth officers for help, and offering comfort to the patient. Her quick thinking, compassion, and resourcefulness, including retrieving an umbrella for shade, exemplify the values instilled in Acworth Cadets.
Cadet Lieutenant Sosebee’s exemplary conduct, going above and beyond while maintaining composure, truly embodies the spirit of service and dedication we strive for in our Cadet program. Well done! 👏
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